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About us

Swiss Food Box went online in Winter 2015 and sent out the first box in March 2016.

The brothers Dominik and Manuel had the idea for the Swiss subscription service in Summer 2015.

Both young men enjoy traveling to foreign countries, studied in world cities and wouldn't mind working abroad.

However, like every other traveller and expat, they also know the feeling of home sickness. The feeling, which you have, when you tried the local cuisine and appreciate it, but still would love just a simple Rösti (Swiss dish consisting mainly of potatoes), or a cold Rivella.

Swiss Food Box closes this gap.

We send you a nicely packed box each month to your new home.

Containing the Swiss specialties, which you so miss.

Let yourself be surprised once a month.

Still your homesickness once a month. Or simply, try new Swiss specialities.

Your Swiss Food Box Team

Dominik and Manuel