- De Weg zu dinere Swiss Food Box -

The way to your Swiss Food Box

Order your Swiss Food Box online

1. Choose box

We deliver the Swiss Food Box worldwide t you

2. We deliver your box worldwide

Enjoy Swiss Food wherever you are

3. Enjoy your Swiss Food Box

worldwide delivery included       cancel or skip a month anytime

- Vier Boxe zur Uswahl -

Four different boxes on offer

The Custom Box

-The Personal Swiss Food Box-

Customize your own Swiss Food Box. Choose the products you want and find them in your first Swiss Food Box!
The best thing about it: Next month you can just log in and change the products as you desire for the next Swiss Food Box!

CHFr. 66.30/month

worldwide delivery included

I want this box!

The Surprise Boxes

We ship Swiss chocolate worldwide

-The Swiss Chocolate Pack-

The Swiss Chocolate Pack is the small luxury in life. Each month you will receive four full-sized Swiss chocolate bars from the country of chocolate - Switzerland!

CHFr. 25.95/month

worldwide delivery included

I want this box!

We ship Swiss Chocolate and Swiss snacks

-The Swiss Sweets Box-

The Swiss Sweets Box is our mid-sized box. Receive each month delicous Swiss snacks and sweets (with a focus on the sweet side) directly from Zürich, Switzerland.

CHFr. 44.90/month

worldwide delivery included

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You can buy Swiss snacks, food and drinks!

-The classic Swiss Food Box-

The classic Swiss Food Box is the right package for the true Swiss food lover. It gives you each month delicous Swiss foods, snacks and sweets, which you miss from Switzerland. The Box also comes with a refreshing drink and a handwritten note.

CHFr. 65.95/month

worldwide delivery included

I want this box!

- Warum ä Swiss Food Box chaufe? -

Why Swiss Food Box?

We surprise you each month

Be surprised each month

Feel at home wherever you are

Feel at home wherever you are

We deliver Swiss Food worldwide

worldwide delivery included

- Warum du Swiss Food Box liebe wirsch -

Why you will love the Swiss Food Box

As you know, everything in Switzerland has its price and so is the Swiss Food Box also not cheap. Our subscription starts from CHF 25.95/month, but worldwide shipping is included!

As your mother always told you: “Quality has its price.”

Find out what makes the Swiss Food Box worth every Rappen or SUBSCRIBE right now.

- Egal wo du bisch, mir lieferet Box zu dir -

1. Wherever you are - we deliver it to you

We deliver Swiss snacks to Europe

We deliver Swiss Food to Australia

We deliver Swiss Food worldwide and to USA

The Swiss Food Box can be compared to a freshly printed newspaper.

You are used to receive your freshly printed newspaper each morning. You don’t need to worry of ordering it each evening. In the same way works the Swiss Food Box.

Each month, you receive a newly stocked and lovely packed Swiss Food Box, regardless where you are on our beautiful planet. The Swiss Food Box is filled to the rim with five to seven different Swiss delicatessens, which you will love.

For keeping you excited about the arrival of the Swiss Food Box, we stock the box each month with different Swiss food, which ranges from sweets, pastries, beverages, snacks and much more.

You do not need to worry about the packaging. Our lovely designed and robust Swiss Food Box keeps its content safe. The food will arrive in perfect and fresh condition at your place.

- Zu dim neue dihei transportiert -

2. Transported to your home-away-from-home

We deliver our Swiss Food Box by airplane

We deliver our Swiss Food Box with the local postal service

We deliver our Swiss Food to your door

The Swiss national postal service (Die Post) delivers the Swiss Food Box directly to your doorstep – regardless whether you are in Europe, the United States of America or anywhere else in our big world.

And the best thing, you do not have to pay for shipping! Delivery costs are on us.

Yes, you heard us right. Usually, the delivery prices from Switzerland let the total price sky rock. But not in our case, delivery is on us, which makes the Swiss Food Box a great value for our Swiss Food Box family members.

Of course, the delivery time depends on your location. However, we - and our logistic partner - do our best to deliver the box as fast as possible to you.

P.S. Don't be confused about the ship as icon, we usually do deliver our Swiss Food Box by airplane. ;)

- Fühl di glücklich und dihei -

3. Be happy and feel at home

We deliver Swiss chocoate, snacks, food and drinks to your home

The Swiss Food Box makes you happy every month

You will love the Swiss Food Box when you are a Swiss expat

In the middle of the month, the Swiss Food Box arrives at your home-away-from-home. Imagine how you take the delivery of the Swiss Food Box, how you feel the robust package of the box with your hand, appreciate the lovely design of the box and finally, you open it slowly for discovering the fresh Swiss delicacies inside.

Let the taste of Switzerland take you back to your time in Switzerland. You will be surprised how memories can be awaken by tasting the food from your old home country.

You might remember your childhood in Switzerland. The time, when your mother prepared a fresh Ovomaltine for you after you came back from the playground with your siblings.

The taste of Aromat might take you back to the family dinner table. The time, when you asked your mother to hand you over the Aromat for giving the dish the perfect and unique Swiss taste.

When you bite into a delicious Basler Läckerli, you might remember how you always enjoyed these delicacies at your grandmother’s place.

The specialities of the Swiss Food Box are not only super tasty, the delicacies are a time machine.

The wonderful thing about the Swiss Food Box is that it will surprise you each month. The content of the Swiss Food Box is never the same, but we can guarantee that you will love it.

You will discover old memories and create new memories with your loved ones.

- Freu dich uf die nächsti Box -

4. You will look forward to the next box!

Be a happy customer with the Swiss Food Box

Contact us when you have a question

You don't need to worry about ordering the Swiss Food Box, the amazing Swiss Food Box cycle is automatically repeated each month for you. You deserve that comfort!

Enjoy and feel close to home every time you get a new Swiss Food Box. You deserve that cozy feeling!

- Wird Teil vo de Swiss Food Box Familie -

Become part of the Swiss Food Box family

Swiss Food Box has an active and growing community spread over all five continents! Visit and like us on Facebook to become part of the Swiss Food Box family!

Since we started with the Swiss Food Box in 2016, we have shipped to over 56 countries worldwide, as you can see on the map below. Isn't that great?

We deliver the Swiss Food Box worldwide like USA, America, Australia and Europe

- Hesch nöd gfunde, was du suechsch? -

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